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The Catalog features allow the search and download of geographical data, their representation through the WebGIS platform and the use of web services in WMS and WFS formats. About the Catalogue.
Regulations on open data and their use. ITALIA OPEN DATA LICENSE V2.0 (IODL 2.0). License adopted by the Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia as "standard" under article 8 of Legislative Decree 36/2006 and in accordance with the provisions of article 4, paragraph 4, of Regional Law 7/2014 "Provisions on open data and their reuse".
Resolution of the Regional Junta of december 30th 2014, no. 2626
Decree of the President of the Region of July 21th 2008 no. 0174/Pres

Quarries (authorized perimeters)

Abstract: IMPORTANT: It is specified that the "shape" perimeters of the authorized quarries available on the Web Gis have no official value as the reported perimeters on the projects are connected to its authorization decree and kept by the concerned institution. Update on 20 October 2014. Accordingly to the regional law in force, the extraction activities in the Region are made of four categories: limestone (included also marmorino, gypsum, flysch and marl), gravel (included also sands), ornamental quarry-stones and clay for bricks.
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