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CTRN 5000 Ed2

pareri della direzione centrale
Abstract: Numeric Technical Regional Map with a scale of 1:5000. Partition in 983 elements corresponding to the IGM sectioning 1:50000 The Regional Technical Map has been created by using the representations of Gauss-Boaga, Roma40 national system, in accordance to trigonometric vertex coordinates of the Military Geographic Institute, defined in the last available adjustment at the time of creation. The altitude derives from the high-precision levelling network of the Military Geographic Institute. The cartographic elements are inserted in the geographic grid as submultiples of IGM map, scale 1:50000. They are 2' 30'' in longitude and 1' 30'' in latitude, which correspond, in a 1:5000 scale, to 65 cm x 56 cm ca.; each element, therefore, includes a surface of approximately 900 hectares. Geographical coordinates of vertexes related to the delimitation of cartographic elements are based on the Hayford’s Reference Ellipsoid with medium European orientation (ED 1950); therefore they correspond to those of IGM cartography in a 1:50000 scale. The Gauss-Boaga grid lines have been entirely traced on each 1:5000 element, with a 500 m spacing and relative values in the last five figures - indicated on the borders. The following symbols and captions has been inserted along the delimitation of each element: a) references related to the UTM ED50 grid, with a 500 m spacing; b) references related to the geographical partition, according to ED50 system, with a 30' spacing; c) Gauss-Boaga complete coordinates, North and East, beside to each vertex; d) geographic coordinates, according to ED50 system, beside each 30'' partition; e) number and name of the bordering elements beside each side.
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